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What is Kakishibu


KAKISHIBU has been used for various purposes since Heian era starting in 794 AD when Kyoto had become the capital of Japan.

For Dyeing

KAKISHIBU dyed cloths have anti-bacterial, water resistant and stain resistant effects, no harm to those whose skin is sensitive to chemical stuff and has allergies.

As medicines and cosmetics

KAKISHIBU was used as medicines against high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage, burn, frostbite and insect bite. Nowadays it is used for cosmetics. The polyphenol of Kakishibu is 10 times more than that of red wine's.

For fishing net

When there was no synthetic fibers, fishers used natural fibers soaked in KAKISHIBU for fishing nets to make the fibers stronger and more durable.

For other purposes

There are other ways KAKISHIBU is used, such as a purifier for making rice wine (sake), as painting material for walls and floors to prevent sick house syndrome and so and so on. You can find more information about KAKISHIBU in the book named "Kakishibu" which author Mr. Kyoujun Imai refers to "Kakishibu-club" in the book as well.

The book of Kakishibu by Mr.kyujun Imai
The book of Kakishibu By Mr. Kyoujun Imai

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