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About Kakishibu-club

The KAKISHIBU-KLUB is for those who are interested in Kakishibu.

In Japan there is a traditional natural dye called "Kakishibu", which is extracted from unmatured greenish persimmons of golf ball sized. The tannic acid and other essence in Kakishibu empowers the cloths with stain resistant and anti-bacterial effects, which classified as JIS L1902 (Testing for antibacterial activity and efficacy on textile products) by Japan Standards Association.

Traditional Kakishibu has being in the spotlight again due to the deteriorating environments and increasing number of people suffered from various allergies and sick house syndrome, to which Kakishibu gives a simple and effective answer. Nowadays Kakishibu is used as dye, paint, medicine and even for cosmetics.

The Kakishibu-Club is for those who are interested in Kakishibu. If you want to be a member of Kakishibu-Club or have anything to inquire, please contact us.


Kakishibu-dyed yarns Kakishibu-club-booth at Japan Creation2006.
Kakishibu dyed yarn exposed in the sunlight

Kakishibu products presented at Japan Creation

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